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About Hedgecock Tree Service

Hello My Fellow Citizens:

I'd like to introduce myself and introduce you to Hedgecock Tree Service and to enlighten you of the background of the service and quality of work I hope to provide to my valued customers.

My name is David Vernon Hedgecock and I'd really like to thank you for taking a moment of your time to review my website.

My work in the public was a job of very humble beginnings. At the age of 15 1/2 I got my first job, it was in a seafood restaurant washing dishes by hand, the old fashioned way. It was a part time job, my father had to sign a work permit for me to do this job. I was paid 2.65 an hour. I was proud of my job and very self conscious in doing my work. One evening at work my boss brought to me a piece of silverware that was not up to standard of cleanliness. At first, I felt very insulted, but then I thought that I wouldn't want to eat with that, so I strived to do better.

I've been that way in what ever job I had, you see, I was brought up that way during childhood, and after all these years I don't see that I'll ever change.

I've been climbing trees my whole life.

In 1982, I had a pick up truck and told my father that I was going to begin a tree service, His reply was "You'll never make it." That made me want to prove him wrong.

He said there were so may people doing it that I would not be able to compete, but I placed an advertisement in the newspaper and started doing it as a second job at first.

My father was well known for his high intellect and ability to fix anything that many others couldn't fix. He had very high standards. He loved to show people how to fix almost anything.

As my tree service business grew, I gave notice that I was going to quit my other job. It was an office job. I later started to advertise in the phone book and the business started growing.

I remember the time I went to my father's house with a single tandem dump truck and when my father saw it, he seemed to be very impressed, for me I felt like it was the first time I did something to truly impress him.

As the years went on, I added other equipment and always tried to hire honest, hardworking employees. When I got employees that met my high standards, I would always treat them with respect as I would expect in return and I would pay them well, according to their qualifications so as to keep them working for me.

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